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Welcome to The MEGLAND, the epicenter of virtual gaming, where creating MMOs free from scalability limitations becomes a reality. Get ready to set up your profile, explore the MEGLAND Metaverse, and mine MEG tokens daily.

Our Assets

Our official platform,, is coming soon, ushering in a new era of gaming and interactivity. The adventure of MEGLAND awaits you!


Frequently Asked Questions


The MEGLAND is an innovative gaming and creation platform, powered by AI and blockchain technology. It enables users to interact within a decentralized metaverse, offering ownership of digital assets, play-to-earn opportunities, and collaborative community governance.







  • - Launch of the metaverse map and dashboard on This means that the first visual interfaces for navigating the platform will be set up.
  • - Registration of the first users, profiling, and location choices: Users will be able to start creating their profiles and choosing where they wish to position themselves in the metaverse.
  • - Private sale of the MEG token with web3 pioneers to ensure its long-term stability.
  • - Finalization of the specifications for MEGLAND and MEG Battle Royale.
  • - Creation of an advanced marketing strategy to outperform the competition.
  • - Commencement of the development of the Marketplace, MegEdit, and Game Maker: These three tools are essential for user interactions in the metaverse and the scalability of the platform.
  • - Launch of the Marketplace for buying, selling, and trading digital assets: Users will be able to start trading digital objects on the Marketplace.
  • - Launch of the public sale of the MEG token, targeting players and developers by highlighting our project and investments.
  • - Launch of the MEG token on 2 to 3 reputable exchanges.
  • - Full integration of the MEG token within the platform: The utility token MEG will be used as a currency within MEGLAND.
  • - Optimization of the metaverse map for more intuitive navigation: The metaverse map will be improved to facilitate user navigation.
  • - Introduction of monthly collections of digital assets (avatar skins, LANDS, etc): This means there will be a continuous flow of new digital objects available for users.
  • - Optimization of the marketing strategy according to our KPIs.
  • - Finalization and testing of MegEdit v1 with selected partners: MegEdit is a tool that allows users to create and customize their own 3D digital assets in stylized graphics.
  • - First tests of Game Maker v1 with a privileged group of users: Game Maker is a tool that allows users to create their own games on their LANDS or ESTATES.
  • - Collaboration with gaming industry companies for joint events: This will help promote MEGLAND to a wider audience and attract more users.
  • - Launch of the MEG Store for game downloads.
  • - Launch of Game Maker v1 for game creation on LANDS: This means all users will now have access to the Game Maker tool.
  • - Deployment of MegEdit v1 with all features to the public: This means MegEdit will be available to all users.
  • - Launch of marketing campaigns to attract more users: This will help attract even more users to MEGLAND.
  • - Evaluation of game performance via defined KPIs: This will help the development team assess the success of games on the platform.
  • - Test of the MEG Battle Royale: A new game mode will be tested in play-to-earn.
  • - Launch of the VIP club for premium subscribers to the platform.
  • - Design of a strategy to attract global brands to MEGLAND.
  • - Collection and analysis of user feedback to continually improve the platform and tools: This will help the development team improve the platform according to user needs.
  • - Development of new features based on user feedback and market trends: This will ensure MEGLAND stays up to date with the latest market trends.
  • - Increased marketing efforts to broaden the user base: Even more efforts will be made to attract new users.
  • - Official launch of MEG Battle Royale: This means that MEG Battle Royale will be available to all users in play-to-earn mode.
  • - Organization of online tournaments of 100 players in MEG Battle Royale by MEGLAND.
  • - Continued development of new features for a better user experience: This means that the development team will continue to work to improve the user experience.
  • - Organization of joint events with industrial partners to increase the visibility of MEGLAND: This will help promote MEGLAND to a wider audience.
  • - Sustained growth of the user base and increased player engagement: The goal is to increase the number of users and their engagement on the platform.
  • - Launch of the MEGLAND Open World integrating the story of the MEG Battle Royale to familiarize players with the main seasonal game.
  • - Launch of the MEG blockchain to increase independence and further reduce user fees.
  • - Adapt and innovate marketing strategies based on local cultures and trends.

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